Get Ready Program

Created in 2010, the Get Ready Program has only one purpose: to help Indigenous people secure work in the energy and constructionindustries.

Many community members, are frustrated with the lack of career opportunities within their own community. We designed the Get Ready Program to help people overcome those initial barriers

80% of our participants find work within the first year of completing the program.

Indigenous Wellness Program

The IWP is administered by Massey Whiteknife. 

Through a series of exercises, participants are asked to confront the trauma that may lie in their past and take the steps to help achieve a healthy and balanced life.

Some topics of discovery include addiction, anxiety, anger management, self-esteem, rebuilding relationships, suicide prevention, and spirituality.

Indigenous Business Development

Whether you are a company, educational institution, or cultural organization looking to inspire higher performance, foster connections with the Indigenous community, or achieve the next level of earnings or engagement, we have the programs and initiatives to support you.